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Dubai - Oman Hatta Dessert

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Dubai does not have the best climate. In fact it was terribly hot in the day time. Although everything in Dubai is air-conditioned, EVERYTHING! Including bus stops! I realized it wasn’t something to fancy about, instead it was a necessity! I could barely cross the road in sun it gave me headache! Despite Dubai has its own shine. There are very few things to do in Dubai as a pedestrian or walking by in some area (Exceptions like Dubai marina, Jumeriah Road) but again only in late evening or night time when sun isn't a problem.

Amazing Luxury @ Dubai Seawings!

I would highly recommend this adventure! Dubai is a city of mega structures. The real joy of witnessing this is from the top! We decided to go for a sea plane ride! The view from the Top was spectacular. I couldn’t believe my eyes. Especially when we were flying from over the Burj Khalifa, Jebel Ali, The Palm Atlantis, Burj Al Arab, World Islands. it was an incredible experience!

Little World @ Dubai

Miracle Garden – From my point of view, the Arabs basically wanted to prove the world that they can have flowers on the world’s most barren land! It’s crazy, the theme of the park was very odd – for instance they have literally shoved Audi, Mercedes and such luxury cars half inside the garden and grown flowers on it! It is indeed a very picturesque place to visit. However as I mentioned earlier the climate is too hot so despite of such a beautiful garden, walking around in there does not feel pleasant and is not a good idea!

Global Village - It is a fantastic place to get an experience about the world cultures and also it makes up for a great place to shop. Being a travel lover, I got so excited I was running from one country to another!

They have actually constructed different countries with their regional theme and the sellers inside are from the same country. The moment you enter into any country market after few seconds you start to feel like you are actually inside that country. And so they sell their country’s sovereign and cultural items. I shopped a lot of funky stuff from China, Few Sweets from Turkey, Fashionable Stuff from Italy, Fragrances from Qatar, and Electronics from Germany. Finally we had Dinner in Japan! It felt like a world tour. Very well organized and people were so friendly and welcoming. I was amazed to see India as well! Wasn’t impressive but it made me proud!

Apart from all this, the most fascinating part for me was the cultural entertainers who put on fabulous shows. And the best thing it that it was all free. We see African Dance on drum beats, Serbian Dance and Egypt Show. It's so very big with only one level so be prepared to walk a lot!

Shopper's Paradise!

Dubai Mall - There is something for everyone in this mall. Everything you need in one huge mall! I have never been able to walk through the entire place myself because of how huge it really is! The dancing fountain is the best view of Burj Khalifa especially for photos. However, I do wish they have certain shops that Mall of the Emirates has. Overall amazing experience, it was absolutely massive and made all the malls I have visited so far look minuscule. So many shops, so much to do, so many places to eat, wow.

They have a freaking Aquarium inside the mall ‼ I was so surprised, although later I learned it wasn’t impressive at all ! I wasted a lot of money (approx AED 220) assuming the aquarium might have something special; however please don’t spend money on this if you have already visited underwater tunnel aquarium. The front section of aquarium which is for public view is free and that’s all is good enough.

Burj Khalifa - Honestly I was little bit disappointed as this deck doesn't really offer that great views as expected. I am comparing this with a few other observation decks I have been on. Also you cannot go around for a complete 360 degree over the top. Comparatively the night views are great and it’s a must see for people who have never been on a deck before, it’s a truly over the top experience. The observation deck is on floor 124 and it takes a minute to reach by lift which you cannot tell is moving! Inside the building you will find abundant information about how burj khalifa was constructed and the workforce behind it if you are really interested in history and architectural material. But it is a No Brainer to not visit over the top on your Dubai Trip.

Wafi Mall – When I went there I thought this was just new opened mall and to check that I asked a store owner about the history, she said this was the old mall about 60 years old - Speechless! Mall of Emirates – In one word “Class”. I would rate this over Dubai mall.

Ibn Batuta -The Mall is far from Downtown, but a visit there is certainly worth it. The artistry of this shopping mall is simply stunning; you have to see it to believe it! And it's all on one level, so no stairs or lifts. Regardless of shopping, the mall decoration is outstanding. The Indian and Chinese areas are the most sophisticated. Also the food court has many cuisines.

Old Markets @ Deira
Gold Souk - Truly an experience for the senses. The sights, the sounds, the 22KT gold bling. You can buy gold for very cheap rates however just be careful with the customs especially if you are purchasing in bulk and you cannot hide it! Cannot beat Dubai for authentic quality, beautifully designed gold at spectacular prices I was lucky to have got some gold for me! The only regret I have is I could have bought some more!!
Accompany these markets are Perfume Souk and Spice Souk. You won’t really save a lot of money buy these commodities however its worth a visit and you will get quality Saffron, Chocolates and Fragrances here. (Basically if you have a huge family you can buy a lot of give-away stuff once you return !)

Hummer Safari @ Oman Hatta
Dune Dashing is thrilling especially with the Hummer experience is way more different than other vehicles. I was told by the Driver that every day is a new day for them; the Dunes form new shape every day. You can never tell what's ahead. It is raw adventure. We were riding in a team of 3 Hummers and our Hummer was the lead. The dunes are thrilling, some dunes are so high and it almost makes you feel like your heart will burst out of excitement and adventure!

When the sun sets there is a cool and serene ambience under bright starry sky, we entered into the camp-site for special BBQ Dinner. Barbecue on the grill in an open atmosphere, generally considered as social gathering. Such surroundings naturally create fun amongst everybody around. Barbecue dinner in the Desert Safari Camp was great and had lot of variety and food options. Dinner takes place with the belly dancers and other such artists to entertain us along with Sheesha. Dinner served here is in Arabic style which includes everything starters, salads, breads, main course and even the desert (Sweet dish) in the Desert. Yes it's a super memorable experience to have dinner in such kind of atmosphere. Barbecue dinner safari in the camp is mind-blowing experience which is a must do for anybody who visits UAE. Without this, your trip is incomplete I guarantee you that!

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Abu Dhabi

#Ferrari World


This is THE place to go in Abu Dhabi. We landed here via sea plane we got the view of Abu Dhabi from over the top which is spectacular!

I personally love going to Amusements parks as I have a heart for Rollercoaster so this one was definitely on my list, they have the fastest rollercoaster on Earth – Formula Rossa with top speed of 240 km/h.

Reached this place before time and lucky was I, as I went there on a Sunday which is a working day for them (didn’t know that until we reached there!) because of which there was no crowd / no waiting at all. I was the first one in every queue! I went for Formula Rossa 3 times back to back since there were hardly few groups in the queue.

I love Ferraris, who doesn’t, however I was not interested in the history or museum of it which I found a waste of time. Although it is very information. Besides, they have various live shows which are incredible specially the Ice-Skating show – we found it very entertaining and few moves were mind boggling!

There were many stimulation rides, one ride actually lets you drive the car ! Few theatre performances, breathtaking 4D rides - I remember “VIAGGIO in Italia” – this was the best 4 D ride I have ever been into. I actually felt like I was flying!

All in all, If you are in UAE you have to see this, highlights are the 2 Rollercoaster especially Formula Rossa – it’s just takes the cake.

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The Andamans !

#Heavenly Islands

all seasons in one day

Andaman trip was my first trip on an Island. The trip was already amazing before even landing as we witnessed the island from the above while landing Port Blair. I was never a beach person, but the beaches I have witnessed on the Andaman's were spectacular and it made me change my mind.

Ross Island - A small island we reached by a short boat ride. The island had the remains the of old buildings like the state Ballroom, the Chief Commissioner's House, Church, Swimming Pool, Bakery, and Troop Barracks, all in decaying condition, redolent of the old British rule. Very Old trees with their Giant Roots visible on the outer surface are very photo scenic and creepy too ! There was a circuit to be followed with several lookout points where you can descend and enjoy stunning views. Just for fun we made our own route and descended from the hill and to our surprise we landed on a beach which was absolutely untrodden, clean and colourful ! It was heaven on earth. Untouched places are truly amazing art work of God, It made us all wonder how our planet would be there were so many humans ! Absolutely connection with Nature.

Havelock Island – We travelled via cruise it was a mini-titanic experience! (Not to mention I did go to the tip of our cruise and posed like one in Titanic movie) It was my first cruise experience and I truly enjoyed it. We had lunch on the cruise, post lunch we were enjoying splendid oceanic views and to our surprise we saw a group of dolphins racing with the cruise. The bonus on this trip was seeing mother and baby dolphins hopping the waves together. I found the journey to Havelock island more interesting than the beach itself. Although the beach is clean and picturesque.

Redskin Island - The Redskin Island is famous for underwater coral gardens and perfect beaches. We availed a ride on a glass bottom boat to explore the colourful and vivacious coral world under the waters. The corals are plentiful and amazingly beautiful. It has given us the best type of eye-feast which we could never see elsewhere than here in Andaman.

There were many more places we visited like Chidya Tapu (again amazing beach – almost like God hand-crafted it ), Cellular Jail, etc. but these 3 islands were the highlights of the trip and truly impressive !

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Salisbury & Stonehenge

#Travelling Solo !

sunny 14 °C

I was staying at Bournemouth so I had to travel to see the Stonehenge! I decided to travel by myself so I booked a tour online, packed my bags and was ready for witnessing my dream place! The mini bus picked me up from my hotel – Ramada Encore. We were a group of 8 including myself. It was me, 2 Germans and 5 from Switzerland.


We started our journey and took a stopover at Horton Tower as the first destination. One of the tallest follies in the country followed by Knowlton church and henge. These are located in a countryside packed with primitive earthworks and it is truly spectacular. We kept on moving towards the Stonehenge and were rolling through the magnificent views of the fields. I wish that road would never end!

We finally reached the Stongehenge! –Dream comes true. It is truly a global significant attraction. They provided us with audio guide that explains the history of Stonehenge’s and also its mystery that such gigantic monoliths could be moved and put up by man power alone is beyond belief.


We then moved on to Salisbury! Wow what a place. I couldn't take my freakin eyes off anything. Everything about this place was so damn cool! We first saw the cathedral. It is one of the finest medieval cathedrals in Britain and many consider it to be the most gorgeous cathedral in Britain. Then we walked around the place to discover more of Salisbury! Saw the vaulted ceiling of the cloisters, The Poultry Cross. It was a magical place and unforgettable sight.


After spending considerable time next we moved on to the New Forest. Where we encountered the famous new forest ponies! #fact: In years history commoners grazing rights were an indispensable feature of society. In the New Forest this ancient social structure lives on and ponies still roam freely over common land. I must say I have never seen an animal so beautiful in my life. I wish I could own one!


We took some great pictures there and kept moving to the Bolderwood Deer Sanctuary. A visit to the Bolderwood Deer Sanctuary is a chance to see some of Britain's biggest wildlife. Although these creatures are widespread they usually hide themselves away. Saw the Knightwood Oak which was an extremely interesting and ancient organism at over 500 years old. It's also a beautiful, tranquil spot to enjoy the sights and sounds of the natural world. Finally we arrived at Burley which was a scenic little town in the heart of the forest. I felt a sense of country life here and enjoyed my evening tea! How refreshing I feel while even writing about it!


Headed back to the hotel with lot of memories and great new friends made. What a day to remember!

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Whatever happened in Bangkok, stays in Bangkok


Mumbai to Bangkok (Flight)
Bangkok to Surat thani (Flight)
Surat thani to Phuket (Mini Van)
To Patong (Cab)
Around Phuket on Bikes
Islands PhiPhi Krabi and more
Full moon Party
Phuket to Airport Road trip on Taxi bike and TukTuk
Bangkok again
Bangkok to Mumbai

Fucking awesome Trip. I mean both the words!

Not writing much about thai! but its a must do once is lifetime and possibly without your romancing partners!

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